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8 Influential Filipino Bloggers Disclose How They Find Peace and Quiet Every Day

Post written by Raymund and Denielle Tamayo

As writers, we had many influences.

From our favorite authors, like Nicholas Sparks and Paulo Coelho, to globally-known bloggers such as Leo Babauta, Barrie Davenport, Corbett Barr, and Joshua Fields Millburn. Each can be credited on how Plain Haven has taken its shape, from conceptualization, site building, and now its launching.

Local Inspirations

Aside from these foreign writing gurus, of course, we were also influenced by fellow Filipino writers. These are the people whose writings we read both for information and pleasure.

Some of them have even become close acquaintances, although we still haven’t seen each other face to face.

We really enjoyed the process of completing this post. Getting in touch with these bloggers was a pleasure. All of them are sincere and down-to-earth people, full of energy and enthusiasm, and highly cooperative.

We take our hats off to these guys!

Your Quiet Refuge from Daily Confusion

As this site’s tagline suggests, we all need some peace and quiet from time to time, if not every day.

With that came the idea of asking our favorite online friends, these 8 influential Pinoy bloggers, one simple question:

How do you find your personal Peace and Quiet every day?

Their insights have brought amazing simplicity and inspiration to us, and we are happy to share them with all of you.

Friends, from their minds to yours, here comes our 8 Filipino blogging influences…


Argee Abadines      Pinoyminimalist

It all actually begins with a good sleep. When I wake up refreshed and happy, that's a good start for me. Since I'm a teacher, I reflect daily on my vocation and since it's aligned to my values and goals, I feel peace inside me. I'm an introvert so I need regular personal time to reflect. I read plenty on my spare time as a result. This is my daily quiet time. 

Raymund & Denielle’s favorite post from Pinoyminimalist: The Secret to a Successful Life

Rae Abenojar         RaeBreak

I find that I get more peace and quiet as I try harder to be more honest with myself and others. It's a very small price to pay in exchange for waking up in the morning free from living a life behind pretention and knowing that I have nothing to hide.

Sometimes it gets difficult. Sometimes it's much easier to just wear a mask, give out excuses, or make a white lie. But the increasing peace I'm getting as I go through the process is worth it.

Raymund & Denielle’s favorite post from RaeBreak: Image-Consciousness

Carlo Alado    Lessons of a Dad

What do I do to have peace in a hectic life (and I have a VERY hectic life)?  Two things.

The first is Jesus’ secret to success. As busy as our Lord was…

“In the morning, long before sunrise, Jesus went to a place where he could be alone to pray.” (Mark 1:35)

Just as a musician tunes his instrument before the concert, secluding myself for prayer gets me in the right frame of mind before the day’s chaos.

The 2nd way I find peace is to fill my emotional tank. I’d rather leave the explaining to one of my favorite authors and speakers, Dr. Wayne Corderio:

If I can consistently start my day with prayer and I make sure I fill my emotional tank even just a little bit, then it would be a good, peaceful day for me, no matter what happens.

Raymund & Denielle’s favorite post from Lessons of a Dad: People with Great Marriages are Both Healthier and Wealthier… and That’s Not All

Lianne Martha Laroya  The Wise Living

Life is a series of various rituals. Once you’ve established your ritual, finding peace and quiet will come naturally. Personally, waking up at 4:00 in the morning sets the tenor of my day. Upon waking up, I stretch for a while and then run for 15 minutes - releasing endorphins feels good! I know, I know, it seems ironic to mention exercise while answering a peace and quiet question, but I feel you can't settle your mind if you can't settle your body first.

I meditate and pray also. After this, I make myself some tea and read inspirational blogs while also savoring my oatmeal. Planning your “Me Time” in advance gives you the liberty to enjoy life with yourself first, before spreading the goodness to others.

After all, how can you share what you don’t have, right?

Raymund & Denielle’s favorite post from The Wise Living: Splurge to Invest

Lia Espina Lopez    Geek Girl Manila

It's easy for me to find peace and quiet everyday, as I work from home. My husband and I have no kids yet, so we get to spend a lot of stress-free, quality-time together as he works from home, too.

But there are days when I get anxious and I get into an emotional turmoil simply because I worry about a LOT of things. I worry about my husband's health. I worry about my parents.

I worry mostly about my health. Ever since my accident and operation 2 years ago, I still feel pangs of pain and discomfort here and there, and sometimes get panic attacks.

When that happens, I do breathing exercises. I read, drink tea, meditate and count my blessings :)

Oh, surfing on cute cats work really well, too! ;)

Raymund & Denielle’s favorite post from Geek Girl Manila: One Year After: The Day That Changed My Life

Kevin Olega      Minimal Changes

I’m easily distracted, I have a short attention span and my interests change regularly. This is a problem when:

1. I want to work on something.
2. I need peace and quiet.

To get through this hurdle I change my attitude by taking the following actions:

1. Quick Nap - 5-10 Minutes. It feels like restarting my brain.
2. Head Phones - I listen to White Noise or the sound of a Rainstorm to focus. It also has a calming effect.
3. Pray - When I pray I acknowledge that I don’t have full control over my situation and that somebody else is. Whenever I do so a change happens. Either in my situation or my attitude changes. I then get a gust of fresh ideas, a new way of thinking, or a sense of inner peace.
4. Move Around - Sometimes I end up having to physically move to get my peace and quiet and that’s okay.

Raymund & Denielle’s favorite post from Minimal Changes: Why I’m Not After Credit

Kimberley Reyes  Coffee With Kim

I believe that living a peaceful and quiet life depends on the choices we make every single day -- it's either we choose to welcome positive vibes or we let negativity in. For me, finding personal peace and quiet in my every day life can be as simple as listening to happy songs like The Rascals' A Beautiful Morning. It can even be as simple as waking up beside my husband and lovingly greeting him a good morning. Of course, I am never really at peace if I don't get to have a conversation with God because it is through my conversations with him that I get to give thanks for all blessings and, at the same time, let go of my hurts and fears.

Raymund & Denielle’s favorite post from Coffee With Kim: Today, I came back to God

Rem Tanauan   Pathfinder’s Commune

I find peace and quiet whenever I breathe more the life around me; that as I breathe, I feel that I am connected with everyone and everything. There is peace when I see the truth beyond this reality, that when I open my eyes and observe and reflect upon what I see, I can always see myself. I feel my existence more through these colorful emotions and experiences, and through all of these I can freely share my life to the people I Love - my family, friends and companions in this life journey. And I know who I really am. I read more with a heart and I write more from the soul. I am just being and becoming. I learn, teach, live and share Love. Because what I know everyday is living and fulfilling my purpose: to be more Loving and to be Loved more.

Raymund & Denielle’s favorite post from Pathfinder’s Commune: The Capital “L”


BIG thanks to you all for sharing your wonderful insights with us!

We really wish the best for your blogs and we hope you continue to inspire people with them.

God bless!


Share your Peace and Quiet practice with us on the comments. Your comments mean so much to us, as we value learning more from the experience of others. Even just a single sentence shared with everyone is an inspiration!

Also, if you’ve been inspired by any of the above, kindly share this article with the people you would want to benefit from it. Just click the email, Facebook, or Twitter links below.

A million thanks to you all!

Blog Post format inspired by Joel Zaslofsky of Value Of Simple.


  1. plainhaven- your post is exactly what i needed today. THANK YOU!

  2. you're very welcome, ms. rosete. :)

  3. I'm very happy to be part of this, Raymund! You should be the ninth person here. That completes the list. =D

  4. hi, rem. :) you're too kind to say that. :)

    by the way, are you anywhere near the flooding that's been going on in Luzon?

    hope everything's okay.

  5. It was an honor and a pleasure to be part of this article. I made a blog entry linking back here. :)

    1. hello, brother. :)

      we want to thank you for introducing us the "emotional tank" concept.

      my wife and i have been re-discovering each one's emotional tank, and it's a wonderful, exciting ride. :)

      God bless, bro!

  6. It was a privilege to be included in this blog post. :) I agree with Rem - you and Denielle should have been here as well! :D This was an inspiration so I would be sharing this to my friends. :)

    1. thank you for sharing your thoughts, lianne. :) we wish for all the best for The Wise Living.

      you're also an inspiration, so keep on writing!

      God bless!

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